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Ada, Oklahoma may be in national headlines for The Innocent Man, book and series, but there's so much more murder and corruption than any story has every really told. 

The Sirens Podcast AKA Sirens | A Southern True Crime Podcast is an investigative true crime podcast from creator Raven Rollins where she discusses cases from her former hometown of Ada, OK, as well as other cases in the southwestern & deep south states. In Seasons 3 forward, you'll hear plenty of special guests who are experts in their fields visit with Raven on each episode. 

She invites on expert guests to answer questions that pertain to the case at hand. She also discusses crime novels and true crime books with their authors. You can expect helpful resources, safety tips, and much more.


With notorious and unknown cases alike, every victim sees the light on our show.

Welcome to The Sirens Podcast.

Raven Rollins, a Private Investigator and Legal Researcher, hosts the show along with her co-host, Professor of Criminal Justice/Victimology/Domestic Violence/Psychology Mandy McNeely. They focus on Advocacy of the victims of these crimes, as well as prevention by discussing safety and situational awareness. They investigate most of their cold-cases from the ground up to see if anything may have been missed in order to accurately convey them in their storytelling.


We promote ethical true crime podcasting.


Miracle Lea, Shawna's Daughter

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