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Raven Rollins & Rick Rollins wrote their first book together in 2011, publishing A Dead New World, a zombie apocalypse story, in 2012. After that, they wrote and published The Human Condition, the second book in the series in 2013, following it up with two seperate short stories from the series by each of them. Find them below!

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If you are interested in being a guest on the show as a crime, mystery, or thriller author and would like an interview with us on your own special episode, email us at with your information. Please include your name, profession/expertise, a short bio and, authors, please feel free to request our address to send us a copy of the book you would like to promote.

We do not charge booking fees or to have guests on the show.

Please note: All guests are expected to either join us in the studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma for recording or be prepared for at home recording with your own gear. We only record video for featured guests at this time, but do not use it as a full episode as we do not offer video episodes right now. Audio & Video is recorded via Zencastr over the interwebs.