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Feel free to email us any time at If you are looking to advertise with us on our show, please check out the Support page and then you can proceed with an email! 

We are also always happy to connect with you via messenger or Facebook.

Before contacting us about case suggestions, please check our episodes and articles for coverage.

You can find what we have covered on one or both of those platforms in this Master list. Please note: Some articles or episodes have been taken down for remastering, but know we plan on re-releasing them in the future. If you are family of a victim on an episode we have down for remastering and want to interview with us, please reach out.

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Reporting a Tip in a Crime

If you would like to report a tip to an authority and are local to the Tulsa Area:

Tulsa Police Department

Email a tip:

Crime Stoppers

Email a tip:

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

Email a tip:

If you would like to report a tip about an Oklahoma case:

Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI)

Headquarters: 6600 North Harvey Pl
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Phone: 405-848-6724

Tipline Toll-free: 1-800-522-8017

Other ways to interact with us:

  • Any tips you may have about any of our unsolved cases can be submitted anonymously at •

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