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"They call themselves garage-folk, but that's the Madisons underestimating themselves. After two releases featuring a rotating cast of characters, they've settled into a septet of fiddles, trumpets, guitars, and percussion that's ramshackle in all the right places. No One's Ever Gonna Know Your Name purports the tale of a young Mexican named Sal, whose childhood can best be described as poor, and who then enlists in the Army, battles alcoholism, and endures a pair of divorces before finding love and happiness. All in the span of 10 songs. The breadth of sound conveying this evokes Alejandro Escovedo, the songs filled with Southwestern imagery rooted in a wide swath of Texas rock, country, and none of the above. The swaggering alt.country of "Bar Stool" and the heartrending acoustic ramble "Melissa" are among the high points of a collection best appreciated whole."  - Jim Caligiuri, The Austin Chronicle

We had permission from the band to use their song Elisa Lam from their No Man's Land album on our Episode of Raven's Reviews: Cecil Hotel.

Stream the full song where ever you get your music.

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