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A Thank You

Hey Killerinis!

We wanted to start out by saying THANK YOU! We started this wild ride on Halloween of 2019, and now we are nearly 50 episodes in and at almost 60K episode plays/downloads and we are still absolutely loving it! We need you to know how important you are, because without you, Sweet Listener, we would still just be two old True Crime enthusiast friends talking to each other over margaritas, but here we are! So again, thank you.

During the last few years, Holly and I had experienced HUGE life changes. Some for the better, some for the worse, but we are moving forward and trying to wade through the chaos so that we can start our 3rd season with our heads in the game and ready to bring you new cases. I wanted you to know that in the past we had been releasing an episode per week for a total of 25 episodes per season, but moving forward, that just isn't feasible with new paths being carved for us both.

Moving forward with the podcast will require an almost complete overhaul of how we bring you content. We will be implementing a Patreon style subscription service through our Host (and Spotify) for all of our extra content, which will include any Holiday or Supernatural Specials we do, and those we have done will be moved into the subscription based content. We will inform you all on how this will work and where to subscribe when the time comes.

We hope to bring you new, different content as well for the subscription service. We hope to do documentary review type episodes that will only be available this way. In those episodes, we will review docs like those found on Netflix and HBO, and leave the details of the cases to the docs themselves. This will be a kind of... after watch discussion... where we talk about what they covered, what they didn't, and the questions that were and were not answered for us. We have already recorded one episode over the Netflix doc about the Cecil Hotel and we found it very liberating and fun. We may also start implementing interviews in season 3 with all kinds of professionals and experts in their field to bring you more info on the how or why of a case.

The subscription, which we aren't sure the price of yet, will have extra content, but we will still be bringing you our regular episodes for free. However, with time restrictions on production, we will only be bringing you between 6-10 regular episodes a season.

Thanks so much for being a part of this with us!

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