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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Info on how to use GEDmatch!

GEDmatch is only for people who have already had their DNA tested through Ancestry, 123andme or other DNA sites. It does not test DNA kits for you, it only extracts the results from other DNA testing.

From Family History Fanatics on how law enforcement used dna from GEDmatch.

More than 60 cases solved from GEDmatch. And even more today after it has increased in popularity. Used to identify unidentified bodies or crimes that the FBI categorize- as a violent crime, such as murder, rape, robbery, etc.

THIS DOES NOT GIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT ACCESS TO YOUR RAW DNA DATE. IT ONLY GIVES THEM ACCESS TO SEE THAT YOU HAVE MATCHED WITH ONE OF THEIR KITS THEY HAVE UPLOADED. Don't use an alias. Takes anywhere from 7 hours to about 2 days to process. Make sure when you submit, you do nothing! Wait for it the screen to change and there will be numbers going across the screen.

How to attach a GEDcom file to your DNA: It's just a family tree. This will help people who upload from other sites like ancestry or 123andme etc to find each other easier. It also helps law enforcement narrow their search.

Here's the great thing. After all this, you do NOTHING! If you get matched with a Law Enforcement kit, they will let you know if they need more information from you! If you are wanting to use GEDmatch to find relatives, please wait the 2 days and then you will have the option to do a one-to-many search. There is a link within the site to help you with this or you can go to and search “getting started with GEDmatch” can be used the same way.

DNASolves is a family of offerings with one purpose in mind: to aid human identification investigations.

We accomplish this by working directly with law enforcement agencies and others acting on behalf of, or at the direction of, law enforcement agencies. DNASolves combines crowdfunding, volunteered data, and cutting-edge genomics to solve 'unsolvable' cases. DNASolves is solely focused on enabling human identification for law enforcement investigations. The limited scope of use (we do not offer genealogy or health tools), combined with limited access (law enforcement only), allows us to achieve this mission while maximizing privacy and security. If you have questions about funding a case, subscribing, uploading your DNA data, or if you have general comments or feedback, you can reach out by email or by phone 832-906-4247.

You should note that some files uploaded to either website from some sites like may not include all DNA files from your DNA profile. Your uploaded DNA may contained insufficient mitochondrial data or Y chromosome data, and may not be analyzed for maternal ancestry or paternal ancestry.

Some DNA testing providers, such as Ancestry and MyHeritage, do not include mitochondrial or Y DNA markers in your file when you download them from their sites. If this is the case, you may not be able to match an other match in these systems. For a full profile, test your DNA with a lab that will give you the full report for upload to these sites. DNA Solves will test fully through their lab.

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