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Updated: May 10

GEDmatch is a platform designed for individuals who have already undergone DNA testing through services like AncestryDNA or 23andMe. It serves as a tool to analyze and compare DNA results, but does not provide DNA testing itself.

Here’s how GEDmatch can be utilized:

  • Law Enforcement Use: GEDmatch has been instrumental in solving over 60 cases by aiding law enforcement in identifying individuals related to violent crimes. It’s important to note that law enforcement does not receive your raw DNA data; they can only see if their uploaded DNA kits match with yours.

  • Processing Time: The analysis process can take from 7 hours to 2 days. During submission, it’s crucial to wait patiently for the screen to update with processing numbers.

  • GEDcom File: Attaching a GEDcom file, which is essentially a family tree, enhances the ability to find matches. This is particularly helpful for both individual users and law enforcement in narrowing down searches.

  • Post-Match Procedure: If you match with a law enforcement kit, they will contact you for further information if needed. For those seeking relatives, it’s advised to wait for the processing to complete before conducting a one-to-many search.

DNASolves operates similarly, focusing on human identification for law enforcement investigations. They utilize crowdfunding, volunteered data, and advanced genomics to resolve challenging cases. DNASolves prioritizes privacy and security, offering services exclusively to law enforcement.

Considerations When Uploading DNA Data:

  • Some DNA files from providers like may lack comprehensive mitochondrial or Y chromosome data, which could limit the analysis of maternal or paternal ancestry.

  • For a complete DNA profile, consider testing with a lab that provides a full report suitable for uploading to these platforms. DNASolves offers comprehensive testing through their lab.

For further assistance or inquiries, you can contact DNASolves at or call 832-906-4247. Remember, the effectiveness of these tools depends on the completeness of the DNA data provided.


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