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New Info Surfaces in Mica Miller Case

Updated: 2 days ago

New information comes to light as FBI enters the investigation of Mica Miller. Father and sister speak out.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has officially opened an investigation into the death of Mica Miller, the wife of South Carolina pastor John-Paul Miller. Mica, aged 30, was found dead in Lumber River State Park in North Carolina on April 27. Local authorities initially ruled her death as a suicide resulting from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. However, her family has raised concerns about potential abuse and grooming by her estranged husband.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, which has been leading the investigation, recently announced that they have sought assistance from both the United States Attorney’s Office and the FBI. The decision to involve federal authorities was based on the information gathered during the ongoing investigation and jurisdictional considerations. Mica’s daily journal, which reportedly detailed her struggles and abusive marriage, has become a crucial piece of evidence.

John-Paul Miller faces serious allegations in court documents. These include years of grooming Mica before their marriage, committing her to the hospital to steal her car, and engaging in infidelity with underage churchgoers while still married to his first wife. Affidavits filed by Mica’s family describe their concern over her relationship with Miller, portraying him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and a “false prophet” according to those who knew him.

Additionally, it has come to light that John-Paul Miller was pursuing at least one other woman while still legally married to Mica. A waitress named Christiana revealed that he exchanged flirty messages with her. The investigation continues as authorities seek to uncover the truth behind Mica Miller’s tragic death and the circumstances surrounding it.

Father’s Claims

Mica’s family members have portrayed her as a woman in fear for her life, with Sierra stating that Mica worried she “would not make it to the divorce” and that “her life would be taken from her” by John-Paul Miller. Despite the medical examiner’s conclusion that Mica died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, her family remains unconvinced and continues to seek answers.

Mica Miller's father Michael Francis continues to speak out about his daughter's death. Now, he's revealing new details about the scene saying the police rushed closure in his daughter's case.

According to an interview with Michael Francis by Law & Crime Network’s Sidebar, Micael said, "Since there were multiple shell casings found and a live round found, it already didn't make much sense. So it would seem they would automatically do a complete toxicology, not just blood alcohol, and a complete autopsy, which they did not do. We're just devastated that they didn't because John-Paul rushed the cremation process."

Michael Francis expressed his belief that John-Paul played a significant role in pushing his daughter to the brink. He said, “My theory is broad right now. There are bruises on her hand and injuries. These things are not documented, and they don't show up for no reason. We just want more answers," Francis said.

He says Mica also had scratches on the tops of her hands and a bruised arm that indicated defensive wounds. He says he saw himself and took photos of them during the viewing of her body. He says there was also a large bruise on the top of one hand.

He said the Park Ranger showed him where the shell casings and live round was found, where the bullet hole in the tree was located, and stated that the gun [to which she used to kill herself] had been located, over 40 meters away from where her body was found. He also mentions that the water was not flowing, but sitting, stagnant water, and questions how the gun could get so far from her body after shooting herself.

Michael also speaks about the 9-1-1 phone call, saying that it didn’t sound like his daughter on the call. He says it was “too slow and metered” and “could have been done with AI…”

He states that she has never been to that location before to his knowledge, nor has he or his family, and doesn’t understand why she would be there. He says she was far enough into the forest in a “Ranger-only area that not many people knew about.”

As to John-Paul’s alibi where his truck was caught on camera out-of-state during Mica’s passing, Michael asks, “Is it even him inside that truck? We haven’t seen pictures of him, physically there… because otherwise, it could be anybody in that truck”

According to him, Mica was familiar with firearms due to training courses, and she had mentioned her intention to purchase a gun for self-protection to him several days prior to her death. However, he and his family are dissatisfied with the ongoing investigation, which they feel leaves many questions unanswered. His theory suggests that someone compelled Mica to go to that location, forcibly placed their hand over hers, and directed the gun to her head. He believes the gun discharged multiple times, leaving spent casings behind, before striking a tree and then ultimately causing her death. The situation remains controversial and has sparked widespread speculation

"As soon as they got married, her behavior went downhill fast. She seemed to be more sad, more under control. I believe he compressed her. He just sucked the life right out of her and caused her to go downhill."

The case remains under scrutiny, and the involvement of federal agencies like the FBI underscores its significance. Hopefully, a thorough examination will shed light on the truth surrounding Mica Miller’s tragic death.

Watch the full interview with Mica's father and sister above.

Hospitalization and Allegations

In an affidavit filed by Mica’s father, Michael Francis, disturbing details emerged about her hospitalization. John-Paul Miller allegedly claimed that Mica was not taking her medication properly and needed to be hospitalized. However, Mica clarified that she had adjusted her dosage from two pills per dose to just one, which was within the allowed range. Michael Francis believes that John-Paul exaggerated the situation to have Mica hospitalized against her will.

On Feb 8th through 10th of 2024, Mica was hospitalized in a mental health facility.

Mica’s hospitalization occurred based on a non-legal document that John-Paul used to assert power of attorney. When Mica was discharged, she discovered that her husband had taken her purse and keys. She suspected that he fraudulently initiated her involuntary hospitalization and “stole” her car while she was in the hospital.

Mica met with the cops at Coastal Grand Mall and told them she and her husband had been separated since January of that year.

'The complainant stated that she has known her husband since she was 14 or 15 years old and that he 'groomed' her while she worked for him at Solid Rock Church until they were married,' the report adds.

During Mica’s first marriage, her previous husband was also John-Paul’s best friend. John-Paul’s ex-wife alleges that she filed for divorce because he was having an affair with Mica.

Upon contacting her husband, investigators were told by John-Paul that Mica had been experiencing annual crises related to her mental health, often flaring up around Christmas. These episodes led to excessive spending. The former pastor seized the vehicle to prevent its sale, intending to return it after a month once the episode had passed. Since both parties were legally married, the investigator deemed the car marital property and could not establish a criminal offense.

'When someone hurts me, I try to hurt them back rather than forgive', Miller, the pastor of the Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Before her marriage to John-Paul, Mica had no signs of mental illness, according to her sister, Sierra in an interview with Law & Crime Network’s Sidebar. However, John-Paul claims that she struggled with bipolar disorder, which, when not properly managed, led to paranoid episodes and self-destructive behavior.

John-Paul's lawyer. Russel Long. said, “It has come to light that Mica Miller struggled with mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder, which, when not properly managed, led to paranoid episodes and self-destructive behavior.”

John-Paul Miller has a criminal record that includes multiple counts of aggravated assault and battery. In November 2022, he revealed a vengeful mindset: “When someone hurts me, I try to hurt them back rather than forgive,” he told his wife according to an affidavit filed by Mica's brother Nathaniel Francis on May 2. 'Instead of me forgiving you… I just attack and try to cause pain', he added.

His actions during Mica’s hospitalization and the subsequent tragedy raise serious questions about their relationship and his behavior.


Divorce documents obtained by reveal that Mica filed for divorce in October last year 'on the grounds of adultery'.

'Plaintiff (Mica) is informed and believes that the defendant (John-Paul) has and is currently engaging in acts of adultery with women whose names are well known to the defendant,' the filings state. Plaintiff has not condoned the adultery. The plaintiff would show that she left the marital home due to defendant's philandering as well as defendant's growing hostility towards plaintiff. Defendant has threatened to throw plaintiffs belongings into the yard, locked plaintiff out of her own home and has defamed and demeaned the plaintiff before a congregation of people.'

Mica's filing says she was a 'faithful and dutiful wife' who was 'devoted to their church and marriage' during their 7 years together.

Nude Photo

Mica Miller accused her estranged husband, Pastor John-Paul Miller, of posting nude images of her online just two weeks before her death. She contacted the Myrtle Beach Police Department on April 8 after discovering an indecent image of herself in a Facebook group. According to Mica, John-Paul shared the image in a group called ‘big boobs and nice curves,’ even tagging an old account for her – an account she had no access to. The police report indicates that Mica had sent the image to her husband six months prior.

The document states: 'Complainant advised her soon-to-be ex-husband posted a nude photo of her and tagged her old Facebook account that he has access to… He is the only person she has ever sent that type of photo to. Although the complainants' breasts are exposed the nipple is blurred out, not meeting the SC Code of Law for nudity.'

Officers advised Mica that the photo was posted anonymously, and there was 'no way to prove he was the one who actually posted the photo'. They told her that 'once a photo is sent, the person who the photo was sent to is now the owner of the photo.'

Speaking in a video on Facebook on March 22 Mica said: 'You don't have to stay in an abusive relationship. Whether that's sexual, whether that's somebody forcing you to take illegal drugs or alcohol abuse, or physical abuse, psychological abuse, making you think that this is all your fault or that you're a bad mom or a bad husband or you're not giving it your all when you know you are. God hates divorce, but why? According to everybody that I've asked and the scriptures I've seen it's because it hurts people. But does abuse hurt people? How do you think God feels about that?'

Mica called the police at least eight times in the weeks leading up to her death, making all manner of accusations against her husband.

Other Threats

In a troubling series of text messages, John-Paul allegedly intimidated and threatened his wife, Mica Miller, and her family nearly two years before their marriage ended. The messages, which have recently come to light, reveal a heated exchange between John-Paul and Mica’s sister, Sierra Francis, in November 2022.

During this tense exchange, JP informed Sierra that he was on his way to her house, where Mica was visiting, and would arrive at 1 am. When Sierra cautioned him that he wouldn’t be allowed in their home, John-Paul challenged her, saying, “You can call the cops.” His response included a menacing statement: “I’m armed. I’m ready. Mica can fix all of this.” Sierra rebuffed him, emphasizing that threats and intimidation would only exacerbate the situation.

The catalyst for the altercation remains unclear, but messages indicate that JP referenced a specific incident that had transpired a month earlier. He lamented, “All of this started because of one bad decision a month ago in Columbia. If I could turn back time, I would. We had the greatest marriage in the world up until that one wrong choice. It can continue down that path, or we can have an amazing marriage once again. The choice is yours.”

A 9-1-1 call obtained by NewsNation revealed that Sierra contacted authorities after receiving the threatening messages. She informed officers that Mica had come to visit because the couple was having “issues.” Sierra also mentioned that John-Paul had recently purchased six guns and threatened to keep her up all night to win Mica back.

JP continued to bargain with Mica through her sister, promising to take off the rest of the year, attend counseling, and even travel to Iceland. He called Mica derogatory names and claimed that everything she owned was in the back of his truck, giving her the option to have it dumped at Sierra’s home or in the trash. Sierra hit back, telling John-Paul that Mica hadn’t left him and encouraging him to unblock her and communicate directly with his wife.

In a desperate plea for forgiveness, John-Paul offered to take Mica on a $3,000 vacation to Asheville, North Carolina, along with a list of ways to improve their marriage. The messages concluded with John-Paul asserting that if Mica truly cared, she would do whatever it took to make their marriage work, despite the hurt caused by their past interactions.

These disturbing texts shed light on the breakdown of the couple’s marriage and provide insight into the troubled dynamics that ultimately led to Mica’s tragic death.

One chilling message John-Paul sent to Mica’s phone said: 'My blood is on you, and my kids [his 5 from a previous marriage] will know. All you had to do was come home to me. But you don't even care that much about me.'

But the troubling interactions didn’t end there. Sierra also accused Miller of orchestrating the firing of Mica’s sister-in-law, Victoria, from her teaching job at Faith First Academy.

According to Sierra’s posts, the school, established by John-Paul’s Solid Rock Ministries, accused Mica’s brother Nathaniel Francis of posting “ungodly and strife-filled” messages online. Victoria, Nathaniel’s wife, was also implicated for allegedly writing on Miller’s social media that his and Mica’s page was “hacked.” The school warned that such behavior could jeopardize her employment. Miller sent a text to Mica, referring to her as “First Lady,” warning that Victoria might lose her job due to the social media posts her family had made about him.

An email sent on February 22, 2024, confirmed Victoria’s termination for failing to remove the alleged “sinful” posts. A subsequent email from the school’s principal, Kristen Fazio, stated that Victoria had declined to adhere to the “Biblical standards” set by the school, leading to her dismissal.

The family's attorney said that she was brainwashed. "This man, in my opinion and based on the documents, my conversations with Mica whenever she was alive, tell me that she was brainwashed by this man," Ward told NewsNation. "He abused her in every possible way that there is. Financially, he abused her, but taking away things, phones, access to money, took away her car, those types of things to try to gain control of her. Every time she tried to leave him, he would harass and stalk her to the point she just felt like she had to give up and go back."

Reverend Charles Randall disputed reports he fired John-Paul as Solid Rock's pastor, insisting he just benched him so he could heal.

'I have released him from ministerial functions for a minute to get some healing, and some counseling, and some guidance. You can't go through these things like this and just step right back to same day,' he said during a Sunday sermon.

The tragic case of Mica Miller underscores the importance of addressing domestic violence and ensuring that victims receive the support they need.

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and it’s essential to know where to find help and resources. Here are some sources you can explore:

National Domestic Violence Hotline: This hotline provides confidential support 24/7/365. You can call them at 800.799.SAFE (7233) or use the TTY line at 800.787.3224. They offer resources, safety planning, and guidance for anyone experiencing domestic violence.

Mayo Clinic: Their article on domestic violence provides information on recognizing patterns, seeking help, and legal protections for immigrants who experience domestic violence2. They mention free or low-cost resources, including lawyers, shelters, and medical care.

Women’s Health: You can find state-specific resources and programs for women who have experienced abuse on their state resources page. If your state isn’t listed, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for assistance.

Remember that you’re not alone, and there are people and organizations ready to support you. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911 or your local emergency number.

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