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Noah Presgrove Makes National News

Updated: May 1

By Raven Rollins, The Sirens Network

The family of Noah Nichols Presgrove is determined to keep his memory alive, nearly eight months after his tragic passing. Despite initial local and state coverage, the case is now drawing regional and national attention due to the relentless efforts of his loved ones, who continue to seek answers about the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of the 19-year-old military bound man from Comanche, Oklahoma.

Highlighted in media outlets such as the Daily Mail, People Magazine, and News Nation, the case has revealed new details, including the discovery of Presgrove’s body in a state of undress by Highway 81 near Terral. Reports indicate he suffered a head injury, road rash, and multiple bruises. Remarkably, some of his teeth were found scattered nearby, and he was wearing a shoe that did not belong to him.

The story has been covered by KFOR, an Oklahoma City television station, and featured on a podcast titled “The Full Load.” The family has also reached out to numerous national crime podcasts, including ours, and other social media channels, amplifying their quest for clarity and justice in this heartbreaking case. While we will not be starting a new season soon, we did receive the preliminary autopsy summary and will advocate for Noah.

The circumstances surrounding the demise of an Oklahoma teenager remain enigmatic. Discovered by a state trooper beside the highway on Labor Day 2023, the youth was clad only in his footwear. Noah’s body was found by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper at 6:18 a.m. Monday, Sept. 4, 2023, per the summary report released to SIRENS, among other news outlets. After a party that lasted for days, the teenager had gone missing.

(The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office of Oklahoma identifies the individual as Noah Alexander Nichols—though public records and media outlets, including SIRENS, recognize him as Noah Presgrove—acknowledges this identity discrepancy of their summary report.)

Dr. Leonardo Roquero, in the succinct report, marked the cause of death as ‘unknown,’ leaving the case open to further investigation and speculation.

Noah’s brother, Dailen Presgrove, told News Nation he believes foul play was involved.

“He was in the fetal position. And his body was covered up,” Dailen told the outlet, adding: “You can see blood seeping through the covering. … As I’m looking at it, it just seems weird. The placement of the body... It doesn’t look like a hit-and-run.”

Family members have shared their observations and concerns on various platforms. His aunt, Robyn Smith, mentioned on News Nation that there were no significant injuries to his lower body, and no evidence to suggest a hit-and-run incident. His cousin, Ashley Chadwick, recalled noticeable facial swelling and severe damage to his fingertips when she viewed him at the funeral home, suggesting he might have been clinging to something.

“Even if it was an accident, it doesn’t matter, come clean,” Noah’s cousin, Avery Poucher, told KSWO. “It hurts not to know. It’ll hurt knowing, but it hurts more not to know, and wondering, and just thinking every night what happened?”

The medical examiner's summary report states that the probable cause of death is multiple blunt force injuries.

KFOR-TV received a press release May 1st from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol stating that they have investigated this case and "conducted numorous interviews, and reviewed leads and evidence" along with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. They state that "currently, OHP is not investigating Presgrove’s death as a murder."

In response to the statement, Noah's cousin, Ashley, posted on social media:

"We would like to publicly thank the team that are working in unison tirelessly to navigate what has always been called as a suspcious death, not a murder which is killing by premeditation. We understand everyone’s frustrations more so than anyone. However, we ask that everyone be mindful of their dedication and perseverance in finding answers. Thank you."

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner has told us they will release the full report to us on May 13th.

OHP asks that anyone with information on Noah's death contact the Southwest Regional Communications Center at 580-353-0783.

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