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Noah Presgrove: More details emerge with autopsy release

Updated: May 19

(Noah pictured below)

Commanche, Oklahoma ‐  A young man, Noah Presgrove, stood out not just for his 6’2" stature and athletic prowess, but for his spirited character and commitment to serve his nation. A recent high school graduate as of Spring 2023, Noah, known for his four-sport athletic achievements in American Football and Wrestling, had been a beacon of energy and humor, often the architect of light-hearted pranks within his family circle. His kind and adventurous spirit was matched by his dedication to a future in the Marine Corps, a path he planned to embark on alongside his cousin.

The Labor Day weekend of 2023 presented a fork in the road for Noah. He was torn between the raucous celebration of Rocklahoma, a renowned hard rock and metal festival, and a friend’s 22nd birthday bash. The decision weighed on him, as attending Rocklahoma would mean excluding a 16-year-old friend due to concerns over the festival’s alcohol consumption. Ultimately, Noah chose camaraderie over the festival, a decision that speaks volumes about his values.

Snapchat Invitation Leads to Labor Day Revelry

As the sun set on a warm Oklahoma evening, a Snapchat invitation buzzed on phones across Comanche, heralding a 22nd birthday celebration that promised to be the talk of the town. The guest of honor: a young woman stepping into her new age with a house party that would draw crowds and create memories.

Having driven himself to the festivities on Saturday, Noah immersed himself in the jubilation, his regrets of missing Rocklahoma fading amidst the laughter and camaraderie.

The party, a blend of youthful energy and spontaneous fun, saw Noah return home briefly on Sunday — a pit stop for personal errands and a momentary pause from the weekend’s escapades. His trusty car, suffering from an oil leak, remained at home as Noah ventured back to the celebration, this time without the burden of mechanical woes.

Conflicting accounts emerged about Noah’s return to the party. Some say a friend ferried him to a truck stop for a quick bite at Sonic, while others claim direct transit to the party’s heart. Regardless, Noah’s presence was undeniable, his spirit infectious as he rejoined the revelry.

The night unfolded with the raw, unfiltered joy of adolescence. Videos captured the essence of the gathering: the Slap Game, where bravado met laughter, and beer pong, where aim and cheers intertwined. It was a snapshot of a generation in its element, a Labor Day weekend that encapsulated the freedom and folly of youth.

Labor Day Festivities Take a Dramatic Turn in Oklahoma

As the alcohol flowed, tensions inevitably surfaced, leading to confrontations that tested friendships and boundaries.

The first incident involved Noah and his best friend, sparked by a private conversation between Noah and the friend’s girlfriend. Although the situation threatened to escalate, cooler heads prevailed, and the two reconciled shortly after the disagreement.

However, the night took a more tumultuous turn when a dispute over a missing phone led to a physical altercation between Noah and a 16-year-old guest. The confrontation, marked by a “fishhook” maneuver and a retaliatory bite, was quickly defused by partygoers, and the missing phone was later discovered under an unwitting, slumbering guest.

As the evening progressed, the party’s atmosphere grew wilder. Noah found himself at the center of attention, with partygoers leaving their marks on his body in ink, a testament to the uninhibited spirit of the night. A joyride on a John Deere “Gator” UTV added to the excitement, though it was cut short by a near-accident that left Noah with a minor injury, promptly attended to by a nurse present at the party.

Amidst the revelry, a complex web of emotions unraveled as the birthday girl’s apparent affection for Noah led to a harsh exchange of words. The incident, likely fueled by the heady mix of youth and alcohol, was compounded by an unusual claim made by the girl’s mother.

In a peculiar twist to the unfolding events, the mother of the birthday girl, who resides in the same household, allegedly conveyed her belief that Noah harbored romantic intentions towards her. This unexpected revelation adds a layer of complexity to the dynamics within the group, highlighting the intricate and sometimes delicate nature of interpersonal relationships among friends and family.

The events of the night, while reflective of the carefree days of youth, also serve as a reminder of the delicate dance between camaraderie and conflict that often plays out in the lives of young adults.

Tragic End to a Labor Day Celebration

In the early hours of September 4th, 2023, a Labor Day celebration in Oklahoma took a dark and mysterious turn. Noah was found dead under perplexing circumstances along US-81, a major thoroughfare cutting through the heartland of America.

According to witnesses, an altercation over sleeping arrangements led to Noah, inebriated and distressed, venturing out into the night. Clad in mismatched shoes and his best friend’s shorts, he disappeared into the darkness along the 1/2 mile-long driveway that led out to US-81 near Terral, Oklahoma.

At 3:41 am, a cryptic message appeared on Snapchat, hinting at Noah’s absence: a photo of a girl at the party smiling with the caption "Well, Noah's missing." This digital whisper was the last communication from the partygoers, who had been actively sharing the weekend’s festivities online.

Hours later, around 5 am, a semi-truck driver spotted what he believed to be a body on the roadside. He made a U-turn, and upon coming back to the scene, two other vehicles had already gathered around. Noah was found lifeless, his body bearing signs of blunt force trauma and other injuries, including “shredded” fingertips and missing teeth. Strangely, the writings and drawings that had adorned his skin earlier were absent, and his shorts lay neatly folded beside him, raising questions about the events leading to his death.

He was in a state of complete undress save for the mismatched shoes and lying in a fetal position. Noah’s body was discovered with blunt force trauma to the back of his head, indicating a violent impact. Additionally, he sustained minor abrasions on his left shoulder and hip. Most distressing, however, were his hands; his fingertips were severely damaged, described as “shredded” to the bone. In a perplexing contrast to the severity of these injuries, there was a notable absence of blood at the scene, save for a minimal amount near the wounds.

Equally troubling was the discovery that Noah’s front teeth, both upper and lower, had been dislodged, and found scattered around him. This detail, coupled with the absence of any ink markings on his body — which had been present earlier — deepens the mystery. The shorts he had been wearing were neatly folded beside him, contradicting the partygoers’ assertion that they were “knocked off” during the incident. This incongruity raises further questions about the circumstances leading to Noah’s tragic end.

Social Blackout

At approximately 6:00 AM, following the discovery of Noah, authorities were alerted, and a subsequent observation was made that all social media content related to the party, including Snapchat posts, had been removed. The individuals present at the event professed ignorance regarding the circumstances that culminated in Noah’s demise. The police initially refrained from searching the premises, citing the reason that Noah’s body was not discovered there. However, they later conducted comprehensive interviews with all individuals who attended the party.

During these interviews, a significant revelation was made by the girlfriend of Noah’s best friend—the same individual implicated in Noah’s initial altercation—who claimed to have never encountered Noah. She had purged her phone to such an extent that it no longer contained even her boyfriend’s contact information. When questioned about the reasons behind Noah’s lack of attire, some party attendees explained that they had provided Noah with a shower. Yet, there remains contention over Noah’s level of inebriation at the time, with some suggesting he was merely tipsy and jovial, while others contend he was scarcely conscious.

The whereabouts of the attire Noah donned for the party remain unknown. It was reported to the police that, post-shower, Noah’s original clothes were soiled, leading him to wear shorts belonging to a friend. Rumors have circulated that Noah’s shirt was discovered by his best friend’s father, who then allegedly cut it into pieces and distributed them as keepsakes among those who were at the party. Additionally, it has been rumored that this individual had possession of some of Noah’s teeth, which he claims to have inadvertently collected from the scene of the incident.

In the wake of Noah’s mysterious passing, the police faced a daunting task, as those present at the party claimed ignorance of the events leading to his death. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol secured a geofence warrant encompassing a 1-1/2 mile radius around the party’s location. Their investigation uncovered unsettling evidence: around the estimated time of Noah’s death, two mobile devices were tracked departing from the house to the site where his body was discovered. After a short duration, these devices returned to the house.

Party attendees, when interviewed by a private investigator engaged by Noah’s family, stated they had searched for Noah using the UTV/Gator previously operated by Noah and a friend. However, this claim is contradicted by the fact that the mobile devices were located at the site where Noah was eventually found, suggesting that if a search had indeed been conducted, Noah should have been located.

Further inquiries revealed a video capturing an intense altercation between the birthday celebrant and her sister, arguing vehemently about Noah’s departure from the party. This footage is considered potentially significant to the case. The involvement of the Texas Rangers in the investigation was prompted by the presence of two individuals from Texas at the party, though it remains unclear if they are considered persons of interest.

Additionally, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol discreetly issued a warrant for a black pickup truck, suspected of being used to transport Noah’s body, although the specific reasons for this suspicion have not been disclosed. The authorities have firmly stated that the incident was neither a hit-and-run nor is it being treated as a murder investigation.

Autopsy Finally Released

The Medical Examiner’s report, released to The Sirens Network on May 13th, 2024, concluded that Noah succumbed to "multiple blunt force injuries," yet the exact circumstances remain classified as “unknown.” The report detailed severe trauma to Noah’s upper body and head, including ten fractured ribs, significant injuries to the skull, neck, and spine, internal hemorrhaging, brain and organ damage, and numerous abrasions.

Presgrove was found naked except for a pair of mismatched shoes, with one being a “Hey Dude” brand and the other “Adidas,” both with grass and debris inside.

The manner of death remained "Undetermined" - meaning they could not decide if Presgrove’s death was a homicide, suicide, accident, or natural.

The report says Presgrove had a blood alcohol content level of 0.14 at the time the medical examiner performed the autopsy.

According to authorities, blood evidence found at the scene did not correlate with a pedestrian vs. vehicle collision but rather suggested that Noah could have been forcibly pushed from the bed of a moving truck.

Noah presgrove-Redacted
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The podcast Full Load covered this case with interviews from his family. Parts 1 and 2 are out now. Part 3 will drop on June 2nd.


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