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Signed paperback copy of A Dead New World, Book 1 in the 11:11 Series - Horror Fiction


When the world falls apart, what will be important in your life? Will you give up and die, or will you fight against all odds to protect what is most valuable to you?


In this series, we follow the viewpoints of two characters who could not be more violently different: Alan Hawthorne, CFO of a Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles, and Alexis Jackson, Veterinarian for a small Texas town as they both struggle through the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. As fate brings these two together, they struggle through the reality of loss, the terror of the undead, and the failing humanity of the remaining survivors. The chaos of the city outbreak and the quiet unknown of the country wilderness bring different perspectives to these unlikely heroes, and they cling to the hope that humanity can prevail over a great darkness. As the sun sets on life as they knew it, these two opposites must find common ground to push back the hordes of zombies, stave off the depravity of a lawless wasteland, gather the shattered remnants of their former lives, and carve a place for themselves in this Dead New World.


This order includes shipping costs. This book now includes the short story 'The Book of Dan Lynch.'

A Dead New World Signed Paperback

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