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I would like to subscribe to extra content through Anchor.FM, Spotify, or Patreon, but how do I listen once I do?


You can always listen directly in the app you subscribed on. For instance, if you subbed through Spotify, you can listen to your content there. If you subscribed through Patreon, same, and so forth. This includes on the web or in their apps. But, if you prefer to listen through your other preferred podcast platforms, like listening to Patreon content on Google Podcasts, we'll explain below. All you need is your RSS feed link, which you will be given once you sub to our extra content through Anchor or Patreon. If you subscribe through Spotify, I believe you can only listen there at this time.

Right now, and Spotify subs get access to all of season 1 & 2, which is archived for the public, as well as some early access to new content, ad free. Patreon subs get access to some archived eps at random, but will be the first to hear new content up to a month before it releases to the public, ad free, and depending on what tier you join, you could get even more content and goodies.


What External Players does support?


Currently, supports the following:

Spotify, Apple Podcast/Music, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and Breaker.

Check the photo below for instructions.



What External Players does Patreon support?


Currently, Patreon supports the following:


Ready to subscribe?

For Spotify, go to your app, find our show by search, click subscribe.

For or Patreon, Click the links below.

Please be aware that in Anchor, you can choose between a subscription and support. Support is like a monthly donation, the cost of which you choose, and can be reoccuring. You will get no extra content with it, nor is it tax deductible.

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