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Every guest on the show gets to sign the wall poster!

This is something we just started not too long ago, and a great way to remember all the guests we've had on the show. Mostly guests who have been in-studio with us have been able to sign, but if they have been on remotely and made a quick visit, they get to sign the wall poster!

Pictured here is Author JL Hyde signing the wall poster after her interview on Raven's Reviews.


Would you like to be our Guest?

Hello, and thanks for your interest in being a guest on The Sirens Podcast!


Interviews can be done In-Studio with us in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or via through the internet, where we use video and audio during the interview. If you have multiple guests who would like to come on at the same time, we can accommodate 4 guests in-studio and twice as many via the internet. If your guests will be in the same room during the guest spot, please be aware that for the best video and audio, they will need to each have their own headphones and their own microphones. If they do not, it may be best to bring each of them in separately via Zencastr over the internet. We can also accommodate multiple guests in-studio and via the internet simultaneously.


All guests on the show will be asked to sign our Guest Release form when the booking date is confirmed by both parties. It is in PDF format and will be sent after confirmation of the booking date in an email reminder for the interview. It can be signed electronically by clicking the "pen" button in Adobe Reader or can be signed and returned to us by mail at the address below. (Please note: Signing electronically is just as binding as signing and returning.) If your guest will be recording In-Studio with us, they can bring the signed form with them, or wait and sign it when they arrive.

As for booking dates, we have several available each month in 2022 and 2023 for guest bonus episodes. The bonus episodes usually include crossovers with other podcasts/podcasters, Youtubers, TikTokers, & Author interviews. These episodes are usually released about a month after recording. We are always booking guest bonus episodes.


If you are interested in being a guest on a regular episode where you will talk about your expertise in your field and possibly a case that goes along with it, those episodes are scheduled out over the course of our regular season. We are currently booked up for Seasons 3 & 4 for regular guests and will not be taking more until 2023. 

If you would like to send a physical copy of the book the guest will be promoting on a bonus episode, we would love to read it before we record! We will also use it in social media posts and post it on our website (all linked below) for promotional purposes along with the guest's biography. The book/s will also sit behind us on a shelf in plain view as we do the interview. Please email us for where to mail a physical copy at along with guest information.


While things like Zoom are great, for remote interviews we use, which allows 4K video and great audio, with each guest and host getting their own tracks (which no other offers) which is essential to the recording process and making it easy on us in the editing process. Don't worry, as a Podcast guest you don't need to sign up for anything, you can use it regardless!


Please watch the video below that pertains to how we will be recording with you to help you prepare your at home studio and get to know a bit about how to use Zencastr before we throw you in the deep end.

During most bonus episodes, especially those with Authors, we will be recording both audio & video if you are not in-studio, although the video portion may only be used for promotion of the episode on social media, and will not be published as a whole video episode. This will be a Record Video, Record Audio Episode.

For most regular episodes we will be in-studio, but if you need to "Zen In," we will probably use the camera for viewing each other only. This will be a See Video, Record Audio Episode. See Below.

For Recording where the guest needs to record remotely but does not have a camera, we will record audio only.

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