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Raven's Voice Over Portfolio

Samples below for audiobook narration. To get in touch with Raven on ACX, click the button below. For inquiries or to offer an audition for her to read your book, email theravenrollins@gmail.

audiobook raven forward narration.png
Rabbit Hole Forward

The Forward from Chris Williamson's Rabbit Hole: The Vanishing of Amelia Earhart

grady lake audiobook.png
Prologue Grady Lake

The Prologue from my narration of Grady Lake by J. L. Hyde

Into the Pines Ch 1 Sample

Into the Pines by Ryan Lill Washington Sample - Thriller, mystery, suspense

House on the Hill Sample

A sample for a young adult supernatural and suspence, that needs some terror in the vocals.

Secrets of grady audiobook.png
Excerpt: Secrets of Grady

An excerpt of my narration for Secrets of Grady (book 2 in the Grady Lake Mystery Series) Spoiler Free.

Raven's EXP & Training

executive Legal Assistant / Legal Research

Raven has been working in this field since 2004 and continues her education on all matters in the legal fields under the training of an attorney/Law Professor who's credentials include: Criminal Justice, Judge, Torts & Claims, Family Law, Tribal Law, Strangulation Expert, Domestic Violence Expert, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law.

Emergency Medical Tech & 911 Dispatcher

Attended Pontotoc County Technology Center for EMT Basic in 2007 and then trained and worked as a dispatcher for Pontotoc County for 2 years as a 911 Operator for The Fire Department, EMS, and Police.

Private Investigation

Penn Foster College


Modern Journalism



Theory of Crime & Criminality

General Characteristics of Crime and Criminals

 Biological and Psychological Theories (Nature VS Nurture)

History of Violence in the United States

Homicide and Assault Statistics, Patterns, and Trends in Violent Crime

Typology of Violent Offenders

Criminal Careers of Violent Offenders

Societal Reaction Theory


Firearms and other weapons

Crime and Justice in the United States

The Constitution
Crime and Its Consequences
History and Structure of American Law Enforcement
Policing: Roles, Styles, Functions, Issues and Ethics
The Courts: The Administration of Justice
Sentencing, Appeals, and the Death Penalty
Institutional Corrections
Juvenile Justice


Legal Principles

Torts & Claims

Privileged Information


Court Related Issues of a PI


Communication Skills


Nature of Victimization

Costs of Victimization

Theories of Victimization


Fingerprint Analysis 

DNA/Hair Analysis

Blood Spatter Analysis

Trace Evidence

Hand Writing Analysis

Evidence Collection

Lie Detector Tests

Bite Mark Analysis



Sources of Information

Truth Verification Techniques (with FBI Profiler)


Sub Rosa/Undercover

The Computer & Investigating

Ethics When Investigating

Ethics in Journalism

Interviewing Techniques


Skip Traces

Background Checks

Homeland Security

Executive Protection

Loss Prevention

Chickasaw Nation training,

Justice Clearinghouse Training,

Other completed webinars/seminars/online classes


RET: Relationship Enhancement Training

ERE: Employee Relationship Enhancement Training

Creative Problem Solving

Ambassador Training

Hospitality Personality

Conflict Management Training

Stress Management Training

Telephone Etiquette


The Reliability of a Witness to a Crime

Truth Verification Techniques

A Beginner's Guide to Online Investigation

Linking Serial Sexual Offenses: The Latest Science

Offender Profiling & Serial Sexual Offenses: The Latest Science

Forensic-Led Policing

Evidence-based Policing: A Practical Approach

Open Source Intelligence: Performing Research & Developing Findings

The Psychology of an Active Shooter

Domestic Violence & Domestic Homicide Investigations with Jessica Rock

Missing Person & Unidentified Persons with NamUs’ BJ Spamer

Using NamUs to Resolve Missing & Unidentified Indigenous Person Cases  with BJ Spamer

Law Enforcement Response to Missing and Unidentified Persons with Mike Nance

Domestic Violence & Dispatch with Halcyon Frank

Social Media Intelligence: What Is It and How It Can Enhance Intelligence & Research Capabilities with Valarie Findlay

Promising Practices in Missing & Unidentified Person Case Investigations with B.J. Spamer

Understanding Domestic Abuse Examinations in Investigation & Prosecution Efforts with Kim BasingerRoger Blevins


Introduction to Latent Prints with Andrew Reitnauer

Latent Print Processing: Non-Porous Evidence with Andrew Reitnauer

DNA Basics: Understanding DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions with Chris Lindberg

The Science of DNA – Simplified! What Law Enforcement and Affiliated Professionals Need to Know with Roxanne Kotzebue

Forensic Testing for Cold Case Investigations: Concepts and Applications for Investigators, Analysts & Prosecutors

Strangulation in Domestic Violence with Aaron Gorrell

Strangulation in IPV with Victoria Riechers

Certification in Investigating Strangulation - Training Institute of Strangulation Prevention/Alliance of Hope International


Familial DNA Searching and Cold Cases


An Introduction to Domestic Violence with Lindsay Gephardt

Domestic Violence 101: What Justice Professionals Need to Understand about the Dynamics, Context & Roots of this Chronic Crime with Mahri Irvine, PhD

Male Victims of Sexual Assault: Best Practices for Justice Professionals with Jamal Brooks-Hawkins & Victoria Riechers, MA

Working with LGBTQ+ Survivors of Sexual Violence with Marli Mayon

Five Things to Know When Working with Sexual Assault Victims with Disabilities with Victoria Riechers, MA

Working with Sexual Assault Victims: Strategies for Justice Professionals with Victoria Riechers, MA

Local Strategies to Combat the Global Problem of Human Trafficking

Blue Campaign/DHS: General Public Indicators Training Course (Human Trafficking)

Blue Campaign/DHS: First Responder Training Course FEMA (Human Trafficking)


Crime & Punishment: Exploring Restorative Justice & Peacemaking

Victim Rights: What LE Officers Need to Know with Katharine Manning

Serving Crime Victims in Post-Conviction Exonerations

Wrongful Convictions of Women, Institute of Innovation in Prosecution with Valena Beety, Marissa Bluestine, & Sunny Eaton


Ambiguous Loss: The Impact of Missing Persons on Victims, Advocates & Judicial System Personnel with Duane T. Bowers

Missing and Murdered Native Women & Girls with David Rogers

Missing Children via Online Luring with Bobby Ladson

Making Personal Safety a Priority: Lessons for Public Officials, Criminal Justice ProS & Victim Advocates with K. Campbell

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Managing the Narcissistic, Coercive & Controlling DV Offender with Sara E. Mahoney


Enucleated: A Case Study of Charles Albright, the Eyeball Killer with Judge Brandon Birmingham

The United States of America vs. Timothy James McVeigh: The OKC Bombing Trial with Judge Brandon Birmingham

Other Training

U.S. Census Bureau Workshop: Understanding & Use of Information (one week course)

Best Case Solutions Bankruptcy Software

OSCN & ODCR Navigation

Veterinary Assistant

Surgical Assistant

Currently Enrolled in Modern Journalism at NYU

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