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"As The resident conspiracy lunatic of the sirens podcast, I've been asked by Raven to share with you my madness. The topics that I plan on bringing to you in this segment fall strictly under myth and legend, and will be presented as such so as to further promote the level headed approach championed by Raven. The information I will be providing in this segment is merely that – information. I am not a stoic believer in the creatures and shadows I will be discussing, but rather a fascinated skeptic." - Simon


Welcome to Cryptids Unscripted.

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Looking for something a little different?

Raven Rollins & Rick Rollins wrote their first book together in 2011, publishing A Dead New World, a zombie apocalypse story, in 2012. After that, they wrote and published The Human Condition, the second book in the series in 2013, following it up with two seperate short stories from the series by each of them. Find them below!

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