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Raven's Reviews: Pairs Well with Murder Road & Survive the Night

Updated: Jun 7

I've been doing some "Pairs Well" reviews on TikTok where I review 2 books at a time that have the same vibe as to avoid book hangover. Here's another great pair!

Survive the Night by Riley Sager

Survive the Night is a thriller novel by Riley Sager. Set in 1991, it follows Charlie, a college student who is reeling from the murder of her best friend Maddy by a serial killer known as “The Campus Killer.” Charlie decides to leave college and hitches a ride home to Ohio with a man named Josh, whom she met through the campus ride board. During their car ride in the dead of night, Charlie’s suspicions of her companion grow.

The plot takes several unexpected turns, leading to a climax where true identities and motives are revealed. Without giving away too much, the novel explores themes of guilt, trauma, and the quest for justice, all wrapped up in a suspenseful narrative that keeps the reader guessing until the very end. It’s a gripping read for those who enjoy psychological thrillers with a cinematic twist.

Murder Road by Simone St James

Murder Road by Simone St. James is a supernatural thriller that follows a newlywed couple, April and Eddie, as they become entangled in a chilling investigation. While traveling to their honeymoon destination along Lake Michigan, they take a wrong turn onto a small country road and encounter an injured hitchhiker. This incident draws them into a series of murders that have occurred on that same road, known as Atticus Line, over the past two decades. The local legend tells of a “Lost Girl” who haunts the road, and seeing her ghostly figure is an ominous sign that you’re next.

The story weaves together elements of a murder mystery with ghostly, supernatural undertones, creating a suspenseful narrative that explores themes of trauma, justice, and the impact of unresolved crimes on a community.

What they have in common:

☑️Creepy abandoned highway

☑️Sinister serial killings

☑️MFC with heartbreaking backgrounds that must solve the case somehow

☑️Endearing side characters

☑️Will she be next?

☑️Lots of family secrets

☑️Set in the 90s with all the nostalgia

☑️What's happening in that car?!

Watch my review here:

You'll love reading these back-to-back.


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