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Raven's Reviews: Sleep Tight by J. H. Markert

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 Stars

In this fast-paced, read-in-one-sitting novel, Markert weaves a tale with intricate moving parts. The narrative is dark, gloomy, reminiscent of the movie Identity, and infused with elements akin to HBO’s True Detective. As the action unfolds, the story introduces compelling complexities that leave readers pondering the true identity of the antagonist.

Our main character (MFC) may hold a crucial childhood memory that could connect to her daughter’s kidnapper. Could it be linked to the notorious serial killer her father, a respected detective in their hometown of Twisted Trees, brought down decades ago? With flawed yet hopeful characters, we follow Tess—a detective like her father—and her estranged husband, Justin, a psychologist, as their daughter is abducted from school. Is this incident related to the recent murder of Tess’s parents, which occurred just before the serial killer’s long-awaited execution? And why do the clues lead to a man recently laid to rest?



Serial killers

MFC returning home after decades to solve a mystery

Second-chance love

Missing child


Abundant instances of child abuse and death

Sexual assault

Animal fatalities

Some gore

This marks my first encounter with this author, and I found their storytelling both vibrant and dark. I eagerly anticipate diving into more of their work. Brace yourself—this book will keep you guessing, reluctant to set it aside.

I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy.

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