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Raven's Reviews: Middle of the Night by Riley Sager

Updated: 2 days ago

Middle of the Night by Riley Sager

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 5 Stars

Three decades have passed since Ethan’s world was shattered: his best friend vanished from the tent in his backyard, leaving behind a void filled with nightmares. Now, as Ethan returns to his childhood sanctuary, he grapples with the scars of that fateful night—PTSD, insomnia, and an ever-vigilant gaze. But as the 30th anniversary of Billy’s disappearance looms, a series of eerie events grips his quiet cul-de-sac, compelling Ethan to unravel the mystery that has long tormented him, for the sake of his own peace of mind.

This novel is a masterful blend reminiscent of “Stand By Me,” “White Noise,” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” featuring a rich tapestry of characters, each meticulously crafted and vibrant. Ethan, our protagonist, is a character I share little with, yet his journey drew me in, stirring deep empathy and a fervent hope for his recovery and fulfillment.

Having delved into Riley Sager’s repertoire, I can attest that each book has been a triumph, yet “Middle of the Night” stands out as a true tour de force, surpassing even “The Last One Left” as my top pick.

For aficionados of dual-timeline narratives, the “Kids on Bikes” subgenre, spectral encounters, or crime fiction delving into the realms of the lost and the taken, this book is a must-read.

Crafted with exquisite prose, the story weaves in twists that, despite the breadcrumbs left along the way, caught me off guard, leaving me astounded. “Middle of the Night” is undoubtedly Sager’s most poignant work to date, a testament to his storytelling prowess that will leave readers thoroughly captivated. Once unable to conceive of anyone rivaling Stephen King as my favorite author, Sager’s consistently gripping tales have earned him a place at the pinnacle of my literary pantheon.

Trigger Warning: Insomnia & Night Terrors, missing child, drug overdose, bullying

I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy.

Pre-order today!

Out June 18th, 2024.

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