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Support Us!

It takes a lot to produce a podcast. Like, A LOT. 

Time, energy, cash, patience, and so much more.

On this page, you have the option of donating any amount to our production. This donation will help us with, but is not limited to: Editing, software, site fees, equipment, graphics design, production, website maintenance, research, remote interviews, and so much more.

If you're feeling generous, and you'd like to help us keep up the good work, check out our pinned Facebook post for ways to donate or click the icons below.


You can also donate with a monthly and ongoing donation on by selecting either $0.99, $4.99, or $9.99 by clicking here or clicking the Anchor icon below. You can end your donation at any time. You can also support us by subscribing to the podcast through Spotify/, which is $4.99 a month and gets you extra episodes, including those from season 1 & 2. For anchor subscribers, click here. For Spotify, open your app, go to our show page, then click 'Subscribe.'

If you would like to simply send us a gift that we can use in the office, for recording, for interviews, on the road, or just a general "we love what you're doing" gift, check out our amazon wish list to pick something we could use!

Just click here for books we could use.

Click here for all other.

Thank you so much to all of our donors, supporters, and sponsors so far! We couldn't keep going without you!

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Please email us directly for Ad inquiries at We can set up a meeting for placement and prices and send you a quote. Ads will not be ran on our Patreon page, but will be available on all other platforms.

Payment options:

We accept business checks (not personal), Paypal, Venmo, and credit/debit cards through Square. We do not accept cash at this time unless your business is within the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Email us today for a quote!

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