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True Crime Sites we've visited

Sometimes, we are able to get out to the location of where some of these horrific crimes or disappearances and abductions happened. We get there when we can because we have found that being here, seeing the sights, sounds, smells ourselves can bring about a whole new perspective to the case at hand. On this page of our site, you'll find photos and videos that we have taken ourselves when visiting some of these places, as well as a short description of what happened.

Most of these places have already been a feature of one of our episodes. Others are coming up in the future, but if we happen to be close to a site we want to cover or have covered, we always take the opportunity to visit respectfully.

Please DO NOT attempt to visit sites yourself without permission or the buddy system. We are professionals who do this for work. We have been trained on how to approach these places (and the people who may still reside with them) with empathy and respect. Also Note: All of the cases from Ada, I have been to but have not filmed or taken photos simply because I lived there and saw these sites everyday. We can upon request, though.


JFK Assassination Site

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