Meet the Squad


Raven and Holly have been friends since childhood, birth, in fact, as their mother's were and are still very close friends who have been friends since their own childhoods. This gives the girls a home grown bond in that - they may have differing opinions on lots of things, but always discuss each matter at hand with love and wild abandon.

Their backgrounds also took a similar, yet differing stance over the years career wise.

Season 3 and going forward, Holly will only be featured on so many episodes as she had to take a step back to focus on her personal life and new business. There will be several featured guest co-hosts in her place. To read about our guests and guest co-hosts, check out the guests page!


Raven Rollins

Creator, Executive Producer,
Case Researcher, Social Media Manager, & Host

Raven has over a decade of experience as a legal assistant and researcher. She has also completed an EMT course and worked as a

9-1-1 dispatcher for several years with that training, as well as in an operating room as a surgical assistant.


She wanted to take her training in law and criminal justice a step further. She completed a year long course in legal studies, basics in the criminal justice system, fingerprint collection and analysis, trace evidence, truth verification techniques, firearms, and court proceedings, receiving her diploma  as a Private Investigator.


Her perspective when discussing cases is more based in legalities, investigation, and evidence.

Holly Archer

Researcher for 20MMM & Co-Host

Holly has been a lab tech for over a decade working specifically in the fields of serology, hematology, and pathology.


Her perspective brings a scientific view of blood spatter and DNA.

Along with this, Holly has been a photographer for half of her life, giving her a keen eye for crime scene photos. 

Together, these two give a truly unique perspective on the cases they discuss.