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The Sirens Network is the creator of Sirens | A True Crime Podcast, Circumstantial | A True Crime Podcast, and I Crit You Not | An RPG Podcast and is a Tulsa-based media & audio production company focused on bringing our fans exciting storytelling that speaks to all generations of podcast and other audio listeners. Since October 2019, we’ve been creating and producing compelling content that leaves you craving more. One of our shows we’ve produced, has been racking up over fourty thousand downloads a year. We also offer studio time for voice over actors who excel in voicing cartoon characters, video game narratives and characters, audio book narrators, and more.


The Sirens Network is also passionate about using our platform to make a positive difference in people’s lives. With The Sirens Podcast, we do this by using our time, money, and resources to advocate for victims and families, as well as using the True Crime podcasts to teach vigilance, history, law, and the court system, to name a few.

Our studio is located in the Tulsa, OK area and offer the following services. Please feel free to Email us at A sample of Raven's Voice over work can be found here.

Recording Studio Time

Voice actors, podcasters, audiobook narrators, and more can utilize our studio to get that perfect Audible sound!

Studio Recording Time is $50 per hour and must be booked at least 1 week ahead of time. Contact us for openings.

Graphic Design

Raven does all her own graphic designs, and now she's offering her services to you! She can design podcast covers, book covers (for Kindle, Audible, & Full front, spine, and back for KDP), Music album covers, t-shirt designs, business logos, and so much more. Let her know what you're looking for and she can give you a quote based on the finished project. Projects (as a whole) start at $35.

Studio Production

Do you need someone to edit and master your recordings? If you record with us, we can offer pro production services for $50 Per Finished Hour for shorter 1-2 hour projects, and $100-$200 PFH for longer projects. We properly format your recordings for what ever platform you need them for.

audio books

If our voice actor will be narrating an audiobook for you, and we will be producing it, we may ask for PFH plus Audible royalties, just PFH, or just royalties. It will depend on the content of your book. We usually at least charge $100 PFH for every 10,000 words, and royalties with audiobooks longer than 5 (reading) hours long.

Voice Over

Do you need voice over acting for your project? We have several voice actors who can provide voice over for animation, commercials, audiobooks, and more. Pricing will vary with project, but starts at $50 per hour per voice actor.


We currently do not have the proper studio set up for musicians and bands, nor do we produce music. At this time, we only do recordings for for voice actors only.

Our Podcasts (some coming soon)
Our studio

Our studio set up and equipment

We do a lot of networking and have a lot of people, mostly other podcasters, what kind of equipment we use on our podcast. Below, you will find everything we use in the studio, from equipment to aesthetics! Just click the "Get It" button to add it to your Amazon cart!

You can now shop our Amazon storefront where we put so many useful products for your podcasting journey! Check out our Studio List for ALL the items we use in the studio!

Raven teaches Podcasting 101 at Canadian Valley Technology Center. If you are interested in learning DIY Podcasting, check out their classes now!

A new class should take place in Feb & in April of 2023.

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