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Sins of the South is out now!


Out now on Amazon in our Gold Edition

(ebook $7.99, paperback $17.99, hardback $23.50)  

Pink Editions ($15.99) available  everywhere else, including Barnes & Noble,, Thrift Books, and more! Find the ebook at any of those or in our shop here on the website!

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The Cases

In their first non-fiction book, Professor of Psychology and Criminal Justice Mandy McNeely and Investigative Journalist and victim advocate Raven Rollins share an analysis of three of the coldest cases in Oklahoma from their investigations of them for their podcast, Sirens A Southern True Crime Podcast.

They take you to 2004 Maysville, Oklahoma, to look into the unsolved homicide of Sheila Deviney, who was burned alive in her own home.

They send you to 1995 Ada, Oklahoma, to dive into the case of Daniel Furr, a 15-year-old boy who ended up at the bottom of an abandoned brick quarry pit. Or did he?

Finally, they revisit 1994 Henryetta, Oklahoma, and the case of Shawna Jones, a single mother whose New Year's Eve celebration turned deadly.

Join them in their search for justice.

A Portion of proceeds will go to getting our books into Oklahoma Prison Libraries in order to generate leads in these cases.

To find out more about these cases, purchase the book today or listen to the companion episodes. You can also see our media page where we have pushed these cases into the Oklahoma news.

You can also find this book in select stores. We will list who gets the proceeds (as we have opted to let the family retain proceeds from some stores) next to the store name.

Rivendell Books & Baubles, Broken Arrow, OK

Proceeds go to Sirens

The re-Finery, Ada, OK

Proceeds go to Gale (Daniel Furr's Mother)

The Blaireau Boutique, Elmore City, OK

Proceeds go to Susan & David (Sheila Deviney's parents)

Cabin of Divine & Divine Complex, Claremore, OK

Proceeds go to Miracle (Shawna Jones's Daughter)



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The Cover

We wanted to represent all three of the victims on the cover without using their photos as we thought that may be exploitive. So we decided to go with flowers. As you can see, there are three flowers on the cover of the Pink Edition. The Pink/Red rose represents Shawna Jones as it was her favorite flower. The White rose represents Sheila Deviney, and the Daisey represents Daniel Furr, who wanted to paint daisies all over his bedroom walls with one having a smiley face in the middle. He never got a chance to do that, so his daisey is now on the cover of our book. On the Gold Edition cover, we have three gold roses to represent all three.

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