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An 11:11 Short Story - eBook, EPUB File (can be read with Kindle, Nook or other eReaders.)


When the world ends and the government has collapsed, who will be left in charge of the human race? Will it be the selfish or the selfless? Can you afford to be selfless? What are humans truly capable of when they must fight to survive?

In this second novella of the 11:11 series these questions are answered for Alan and Alexis, and the answers are terrifying. What would the world be like if the only people left to lead humanity were the same people who picketed the funerals of soldiers, teachers, and babies? What type of society would these people establish in a world without rules, left unchecked and in power? Alan and Alexis carry on to scrape together the remnants of their pasts across the devastated wasteland of Los Angeles, unaware of the magnitude of death's grip on the city. As they fight the unending hordes of the dead they will discover that their real enemy is very much alive, and that evil comes in many forms.


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You can send the file to your Kindle by clicking 'share' after downloading and selecting Kindle. You can send the file to your Kindle email as well. Each e-reader device should be similar.


You can also send to Kindle using the online sender here.

The Human Condition (EPUB File) Book 2

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