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Pre-order 'This is True Crime: A Guide to the Industry' today on Amazon!
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Out Aug 5th, 2024.


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The families of the victims in the book 'Sins of the South' keep full profits at some retailers. Please check   the   names   beside   each retailer   to see   who gets the profits   so if you would like to purchase in support of a specific family, you can do so at that retailer.

rivendell books   &   baubles,   broken arrow,   ok

the sirens network

(also carries all other books)

the re-finery, ada, ok

gale whitson

daniel furr's mother

divine   complex,   claremore,   ok

miracle lea

shawna jones daughter

the blaireau boutique,   elmore   city,   ok

susan & david deviney

sheila deviney's parents


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joe johnston review 24.png
larry deviney review 24.png
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sarah iverson review 24.png
kathryn review 24.png
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The Cover

We wanted to represent all three of the victims on the cover without using their photos as we thought that may be exploitive. So we decided to go with flowers. As you can see, there are three roses on the cover of both the paperback Pink Edition and the tri color and gold hardback edition. The red rose represents Shawna Jones as it was her favorite flower. The pink rose represents Sheila Deviney, and the Daisy/white rose represents Daniel Furr, who wanted to paint daisies all over his bedroom walls with one having a smiley face in the middle. He never got a chance to do that, so his daisey is now on the cover of our book.


On the tricolor hardback Gold Edition cover, roses represent as follows: gold/Shawna, pink/Sheila, blue/Daniel.

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